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Christina Thomas

Daycare Director 

Child Development Assistant

I am a mother of two wonderful, growing boys.  We moved to Acme in 2007 from the City of Calgary, it was the best choice we ever made!  Before becoming a mother I had worked in many fields but always knew that I wanted to work with children.  I have volunteered in and around our community and at the Acme School. Starting in 2007 I worked at Acme School part-time as a Teacher’s Aid to children with a wide variety of special needs while also working at the Acme Daycare.  I love to spend my time with my boys, my family, and friends! I enjoy doing many things including walking, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, golfing, sewing, building and much more! Nothing makes me happier than being around children, they light up the world and being around them every day is a gift to me.

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Jennifer Doyle

Assistant Director
Child Development Assistant

I have been working at the Acme Daycare since June 2014 and love it!  I live in Beiseker with my husband and two adorable, full of energy, children.  I come from a large family - one older sister, a twin brother, and two younger brothers that are twins as well.  Having a family get together is never quiet but it is always enjoyable seeing everyone. I am nurturing, patient, and easy going.  I enjoy going camping, ATVing, cooking, cleaning, and much more. I enjoy being around the children watching them explore their surroundings, learning and growing into their own unique individuals.


Mira Lavoie

Child Development Supervisor
(Toddler Room)

I am from the province of Cebu in the Philippines.  I have one older sister and two younger brothers who are still living together in the Philippines with my parents.  I am a teacher by profession and worked with high school students in one of the private Catholic schools before I came to Canada.  I arrived here December 8, 2012 with my husband Marshall Lavoie who grew up here in Acme. Moving to Canada was not an easy decision for me but since my husband is from this country, I am here for good.  I am always looking forward and positively for the best in life that my husband and I can enjoy together.


Brenda Seiler

Child Development Assistant

I have lived in Acme for over 20 years and graduated from Acme School.  I am married and have three grown daughters, two son-in-laws and four grandsons.  I enjoy camping, crocheting, and knitting. I have been working with children for more than ten years and enjoy every minute.

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Donna Morash

Child Development Supervisor

I am a mother of two teenage children.  My family and I moved to Linden in the spring of 2017 from Calgary.  While in Calgary, I operated a dayhome that enabled me to continue using my degree in Early Childhood Education while raising my children. I started working at Acme Daycare in January of 2018 and have enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere brought by the children and staff.

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